The Big Bang Theory

http://Space itself is believed to have been born in the Big Bang. Artist’s concept via Christine Daniloff/ MIT/ ESA/ Hubble/ NASA/

We all heard of this theory somewhere in our science classes during our childhood, but that was just an overview,

There are still many points left unexplored about this theory, there’s a lot to learn about our universe, and a lot to explore about the creation of this whole things revolving around us.

Big bang theory comes from mathematical model and formulas.

Let us get out of curiosity and range over this journey of knowing the reality of our existence.

In 1927, This whole thing started with a theory suggested by  Georges Lemaître an astronomer.

Who stated that – universe was nothing but a point of singularity in its initial stage ( a single point ). The universe expanded and stretched to get as big as it is now, and it may keep on stretching further.,
In the realm of sub-atomic particles, many processes are what we call “time-reversible”: there is no distinction between past, present and future. Image via Forbes.

Expansion From Point Of Singularity

At the beginning, it was nothing what we see now, there was cloud of dust and gases which has energy, some unknow force may be gravity causes the trigger to expand and inflate these which created tiny particles of matters and antimatters and took up more space.

This early light sometimes called as Afterglow OF THE BIG BANG is more properly know as the cosmic microwave background (CMB). First it was predicted by Ralph Alpher and other scientists in 1948, but was found accidentally almost 20 years later.

The atoms then created with the help of Proton, Neutron and electrons. Initially proton and neutron fused together to form hydrogen and helium nuclei cloud which can capture electrons to form atom.

And over a lots of time, these atoms grouped together to form various stars, galaxies, planets which we see today in our universe.

At first the star were created, the bigger atoms and these group of atoms formed molecules, which led to more stars being born. On the same time, galaxies were crashing and grouping together, new stars were being born and dying, things like asteroids, comets, blackholes and planets formed.

Why Big Bang Is Constructed?

The Big Bang theory is constructed to throw the light on origin our universe and its process of getting into existence. It does not attempt to answer the most common question we humans ask about the origin of the cosmos: why? And this question likely can’t be answered, because, by definition, whatever caused trigger to the outlook of that tiny point of energy, containing the seeds of everything that might ever be, was not of this universe.

Therefore, whatever caused the universe left no evidence of its existence for us to review, no clue on what it had been. It is also likely that, being something completely outside the universe, we would, in any event, be unable to comprehend it. The laws of physics, of motion, of gravity, of electromagnetism, of thermodynamics, simply did not apply at the moment of the universe’s birth because they did not yet exist: they certainly cannot describe the presence and origin of that tiny seed. 

That has not stopped cosmologists, who study the history and large-scale structure of the universe, from trying to answer such questions, of course, because that’s the nature of science. Some people attribute the existence of that tiny seed of energy to a god, as humans have invented gods throughout the ages to explain things they could not understand, but there is absolutely no reason for believing that idea, other than perhaps wishful thinking. There is certainly nothing we observe in the history of the universe to suggest that its origin was anything other than a natural event, even if we cannot comprehend it. On the other hand, there’s nothing to suggest the origin of our universe was not caused by a god, either.

the big bang theory
Artist’s concept of the Big Bang, the event now believed to have marked our universe’s birth. If we looked far enough back in time, could we witness the birth of the universe?

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Evolution Of The Universe

As the process slows down, universe temperature and its density decreases the rest energy density of matter came to gravitationally dominate that of the photon radiation. After about 379,000 years, the electrons and nuclei combined into atoms (mostly hydrogen), which were able to emit radiation.

It’s also important to realize that, at the moment of the Big Bang, there was no space and there were no dimensions. Space itself, and the dimensions within that space, came into being at that moment, as the bubble of energy expanded. This means that, contrary to what most people believe, the Big Bang was not an explosion. Think of anything exploding, and it explodes into a space, an area, which was there already. But in the case of the Big Bang, there was no preexisting space for an explosion to occur in.

A curious question which is often asked is: where did this Big Bang might had happened?

Those who ask this believe you can point at a location in the sky and say, “it happened there.” But the answer to the question is that the Big Bang happened everywhere.

Today’s everywhere existed within that tiny bubble of infinitely-hot expanding energy, because there was literally nothing outside it – no space, no dimensions, nothing.

Even if you watch any documentary about the Big Bang and it will show it as a huge explosion, viewed from outside. But a viewpoint like this is impossible – there wasn’t any “outside”. One cannot, of course, blame filmmakers for this: there is simply no way to portray the Big Bang visually in a way which is scientifically accurate. It’s doubtful we even have the vocabulary to describe it, let alone portray it.

Bottom line: we can say that it all started with no outside at a particular moment which is around 13.8 billion year ago, it is hard to get with this concept as human minds is not well equipped with dealing such concepts.

The continuous expansion of universe and the exploration of left unknow factors of the universe still need to be observed, things that has no scientific explanation, science needs to address them.

We are surrounded by the boundaries of our eyes and limited by the technology we have, the trigger behind this expansion, the unknown phenomenon going on is still unexplored.

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